For as long as there have been beautiful log homes and buildings, craftsmen have bestowed their finest skills on the doors that lead through them and the cabinetwork that adorns them. That’s because doors and cabinets play a large role in creating the warmth and ambience of a home, while representing the taste of the people who live there.

Today, nowhere is the art of woodworking practiced with greater skill or craftsmanship than at Specialty Woodworks, located in the heart of Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley. We believe that no one can duplicate the knowing eyes and gentle hands of our craftsmen. That is why every creation – whether it’s a door, cabinet, hutch, vanity or moulding – is made by people who love their craft and have spent years perfecting it. In fact, back in 1981 we got our start by designing and crafting high-quality products to complement log homes. Today you’ll find our products gracing homes ranging from stately mansions to rustic cabins throughout the world.

Assembled by hand, not machine.

The beauty of our doors and cabinets comes from the inside out, starting with imaginative design and meticulous engineering. From the time our expert lumber grader chooses the premium woods, until the moment the piece is shipped to your home, everything we make is inspected many times by our practiced craftsmen.

First each part is skillfully hand-machined and fitted together. Then, each door is carefully detailed and prepped for hanging. Finally, everything is meticulously checked and re-checked to assure our high standards of quality. Only then – when our craftsmen are satisfied that the corners, the joints, the grain and every last detail are exactly as they should be – does our door or cabinet receive our Maker’s Mark. Only then is it perfect for your home.

Handcrafted excellence cannot be rushed. Please call for current lead times as all products are made to order.